A not-so-temporary memory

Luna finally wears Hermione down to the point she admits Crumple Horned Snorkacks MIGHT be a thing, and drags her on a trip to find them. Luna talks Hermione into cuddling while they sleep. Hermione tries a thousand ways to get Luna to stop chattering about creatures she’s pretty sure don’t exist, and ends up just kissing her to get her to shut up.
Their relationship flourishes, and the only consistent thing is that they leave everyone flabbergasted.

Have you ever seen someone post something talking about how it sucks when someone does (or doesn’t) do something to you and you’re just kind of surprised because they did




to you.

And you’re not mad, just surprised because they obviously understand it sucks but they did it anyway.

I want to hold you close in my arms.
I want to stroke your hair until you doze off.
I want to bump shoulders and hips with you until we start giggling and chasing each other.
I want to try getting my feet on top of yours while you do the same to me.
I want to fall asleep pressed against your side and feeling your warmth.
I want to grab you when you’re sad and start planting big, sloppy, dramatic kisses all over your face until you laugh at me because you need to wipe my saliva off.
I want to hear everything about you and tell you everything about me.

I told you I love you, and I think I lied about how.

The fact that I’ve actually managed to unclasp a bra makes me incredibly proud.

Sometimes I can’t handle my emotions and I’ll just pull up a song and turn it up so loud it hurts my ears and close my eyes and focus on the song and that little discomfort until the emotions drown in the sound and all that I think about is the music and its lyrics pounding in my ears.

Emotions are chaos I don’t know how to handle and music and violence are just so easy to comprehend and I can just let the emotions disappear as I bathe my soul in sound and blood.

My mother just told my brother I’m “fattening up”.

That’s literally one of the worst ways you can put that.  Fuck you, too, lady. I’m just glad I can’t help being this hungry anymore.

Oh, Anastasia…

I would probably feel bad for you if I weren’t enjoying the chance to be vindictive.

But, really, posting a status so open to mockery when you’ve added three of you ex-boyfriends, two of whom are very much not fond of you (I don’t know how the third feels) is just silly.

And now two of us have commented poking fun at you, and the third has liked one of our comments.

Recently I’ve been thinking about how I’d do in the world of Harry Potter.  One of the things I considered was what memory I’d use to cast the Patronus charm.

The happiest I can remember being was on April 29 of this year.
Whenever I think of that day, I just remember feeling happy, safe, and loved.  And I want to feel that again.